Concealed Caddy®

Concealed Caddy® Pistol Case

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Bear Creek Holsters offers the heirloom quality Concealed Caddy®. The Concealed Caddy® is an excellent pistol case that can be used in several ways. It is well constructed and lined with soft vegetable tanned leather. Just like a well-made lined holster, the Concealed Caddy® is also lined to protect your weapon. No snaps, rivets, or metal on the inside, so your weapon is protected. It is soft and pliable, but thick enough for lasting quality. Easily opened and closed with two large snaps. No zippers so it is very easy to open and access the Concealed Caddy®. It is sewn with heavy duty bonded nylon thread. If you pass down a gun to a loved one, the Concealed Caddy® can go with it!

The Concealed Caddy® can be used to store your gun. Generally it is not a good idea to permanently store a weapon in a holster; same thing applies to the Concealed Caddy®. The Concealed Caddy® is a great way to store your gun when taking it to the range. It will protect your gun while in your range bag. Also, by using the Concealed Caddy® your gun is concealed and it is not apparent that a gun is inside.

The basic model can be used for multiple sized guns. It was designed to fit numerous weapons that are common in conceal carry. There is a larger model to hold bigger guns too.

All Concealed Caddy® products as well as Bear Creek Holster products are sold and built by Bear Creek Metal Works Inc.

Want access to a concealed weapon while driving? Ever wondered how fast you could get to your pocket holstered gun?The Concealed Caddy® can be used for that purpose too. It is portable and can be used in any vehicle you use or where ever you need it. There is nothing to modify on any vehicle. Because of the design, it can be used in plain sight, but your weapon is concealed. The two snaps can easily be opened and the gun accessed when needed. Put your holstered weapon in the Concealed Caddy® while driving. Slide the Concealed Caddy® between the seats and or between the seat and your console. If access is needed, undue the snaps, grab the weapon and you’re ready.

It comes out pretty quick due to smooth lining. When you get out of your vehicle, re-holster your gun and you are ready to go. Or just take the Concealed Caddy® out with you, with the gun enclosed. Caution, make sure you don’t display the gun while adding the gun or removing the gun from the Concealed Caddy® if you are in public. You are responsible for knowing the laws of your state or any state that you may be visiting!

Many concealed carry guns work with the Concealed Caddy®. Why mount one holster for a specific gun somewhere in your vehicle, when the Concealed Caddy® allows you to use numerous conceal carry guns. Plus you have an excellent gun case to boot!

I'm asked often as what size Concealed Caddy® to buy. Generally, I suggest getting the Larger Model 200. A smaller gun will fit in a larger Model 200, but larger guns will not fit in a smaller Model 100. The larger Concealed Caddy® will fit many more guns, and it cost you $10 more. For smaller guns in the larger Model 200, just put the gun in the caddy and close it. Then point the end up in the air and let the gun fall towards the opening. Then squeeze the gun and while squeezing it, stick it in between the seats. The pressure of the seats will keep the smaller gun staged up towards the mouth of the opening for easier access. You could also place a rag in the larger Model 200 to help stage a smaller gun towards the mouth/opening, then remove the rag for larger guns. If you are only going to use smaller guns in the Concealed Caddy® and never intend to use larger guns, then the smaller Model 100 should suffice and save you $10.

Using a hand gun in a car is a lot different than standing in front of a target. You are encouraged to develop a plan and train, then train some more. If you have passengers, they should be trained too. What will your wife do if you stick a gun in front of her face to fire it at someone? How will you present the gun safely (with or without passengers) and keep the muzzle in a safe direction? If you fire through the front windshield does it change the trajectory of the bullet? Bottom line, get some training and/or get educated on the topic. Also, train with a dummy gun or unloaded gun, go slow and then speed up with experience. Be safe!.

You can now get your Concealed Caddy® in exotic skins.  Look at the photo gallery to see some of the exotic options.  Shark and elephant skins make a very durable product that would last you for many many years.  Bison (buffalo) is also available and looks very nice, and examples are shown in the photo gallery.  You can add your initials to Personalize your Concealed Caddy® for $20, an example can be seen in the photo gallery.