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Bear Creek Holsters offers the heirloom quality Concealed Caddy®. The Concealed Caddy® is an excellent multi use pistol case. It is well constructed and lined with soft vegetable tanned leather. Just like a well-made lined holster, the Concealed Caddy® is also lined to protect your weapon. No snaps, rivets, or metal on the inside, so your weapon is protected.  Find out more about the Concealed Caddy®


Why Buy from Bear Creek Holsters?

  • Handcrafted Concealed Caddys®, Holsters & Belts
  • Multiple Concealed Caddy sizes to fit any gun.
  • Exotics available including Elephant, Shark, Alligator and Stingray
  • Hermann Oak Leather in St Louis, Mo
  • Cowhide and Horsehide available
  • Bear Creek Holsters made in the USA from the great state of Texas.
  • All Products are Custom Made, not Mass Produced
  • Horsehide is purchased from Horween in Chicago, IL. in business since 1905.
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I've been using the Concealed Caddy® in my truck for several months now. It is well made, looks good and is very functional. The Concealed Caddy® is just what I was looking for to conceal a pistol in my vehicle while maintaining quick access if needed. from: Dean in Texas

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Qualtiy and excellent customer service is what Bear Creek Holsters is known for plus craftsmanship, attention to detail, USA materials.

Over 9 years of happy holster customers, and now offering four types of holsters, mag clips, belts and more

Front Pocket Holsters

Easy to Conceal

Excellent for concealed carry, front pocket holsters are designed to keep your firearm easily accessable. This method of carry allows you to have a hand on your weapon for easy access, while keeping it concealed in your pocket.

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Back Pocket Holsters

Wallet Holsters

Sometimes called wallet holsters, back pocket holsters are designed with a hinge at the bottom for a clean draw of the firearm.  A detatchable panel covers the firearm, concealing it as a wallet, and can easily be removed to be used as a front pocket holster.

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Inside the Waist Band Holsters


Great for weapons that are too big for pocket carry.  IWB holsters are held tight to your body using your belt. An IWB holster makes a great combination, when paired with a pocket holster, to allow for the carry of a backup or secondary firearm.

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Outside the waist band holsters


Outside the Waist Band holsters are often considered the most comfortable to wear.  They are also the hardest to conceal.  OWBs are a great method of carrying a larger frame pistol and are best supported by a thick, sturdy belt.

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